The Judges Are Shocked When His Dog Does THIS On Stage… OMG!

Dogs are not only men’s best friend but good singers too. When I first saw this video I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. This dog literally can sing. Surprising but true! This bulldog named Lady Xena simply can’t stop singing when her idol Whitney sings “I Will Always Love You”. This dog for sure is a great fan of Whitney!

Xena’s special talent was showcased in Belgium’s Got Talent. Her hums make audience and judges go hysteric. As she tunes in and continues till the end you can literally see one of the judges struggling not to fall off the seat. So, get ready to roll on the floor while this bulldog manages to entertain the whole mass.

Owners of Xena , Mick and Daphnee were surprised too when they found out their dogs special skill and affection with Whitney. They took her to a café when they bought her 12 weeks old. The place was playing Whitney’s song. Sleeping Xena started crying and singing when she heard the timeless classic.

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