She Puts Her Stove Grates In A Plastic Bag. What She Does Next? I Didn’t Know This Was Possible!

Ladies who have been struggling with their dirty grates like me since eternity have got the solution. Removing the stains from the gas grates is next to impossible without scrubbing or scratching. This extremely useful video makes the impossible possible. Worth a shot!

No need to sacrifice your valuable free time. This video is of a great service. Whether its baked-on, caked-on or burnt-on, you can take the grease and food off of the burner tops just in matter of blink of an eye. All you need is large plastic bag and spray bottle of ammonia and all you got to do is spray it all over the burner inside the bag. Then close it up to trap the smell and let it work overnight and simply wipe it off.

Soaking the grates in ammonia overnight and wiping the black stuff off makes the toughest work seemingly easy. Watch this video to learn this genius tip and save your loads of time. Please provide your COMMENTS and let us know how you feel about this video.

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