Nobody Wanted This Scared Shelter Dog. But Then Something Truly BEAUTIFUL Happened!

This little terrified dog brought tears in my eyes. Noodles is a severely abused shelter dog. Living with other big dogs in a shelter home she is more frightened and feared. She just sat there as if she wanted to die. Look at those teary eyes. Such a pity!

But one man took a chance on her and brought scared Noodles home away from those big barking dogs. There Noodles met a formerly abused dog Weezie who was just like her. They both connected and started running around like normal dogs in matter of days. Noodles was spayed and she started her heartworm treatments.

For days she wouldn’t even come near to him but slowly she got healed. She would surely make a great pet now. Love turned her into a different dog. I have never seen such beautiful transformation before. Watch this heartwarming video and let us know how you feel through your COMMENTS!

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