Judge Can’t Keep A Straight Face When 80 Yr Old Granny Reacts To The Charges At Her Hearing

Judges have to face all sorts of criminals along the years. Some might be notorious; some might have performed some minor offences, while others are like the lady in the following video. The judge at the Abond court judge in Broward County, FL got to preside over something quite amazing. When an 80 year old woman called Dolores Sheinis walked into his courtroom on a Thursday, he was clueless of what she was capable of!

Dolores was brought in charges of violating a protective order from her ex-husband who she had been separated with for 30 odd years. But her witty and hilarious comebacks and banter made the judge lose his seriousness. He struggled to keep a straight face after hearing her, and even the courtroom broke into laughter by the time this sassy granny was done!

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