Poor Blind Rooster Was Beat Up & Bullied On The Farm. But What He Does Next? INSPIRING!

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel like the whole world is running against you. Bad things keep happening one after the other and you can’t help but feel low. The rooster in the following video also had to go through a bad phase in life. Poodle Roo, a rooster on Apricot Lane Farms, was blind and deaf. As though that wasn’t hard enough, he was also bullied by the other birds.

Poodle Roo was so hurt by being beat up that nobody thought he’s make it. But he did, and came out even stronger than ever. Although he stayed away from the coop where he was bullied, he befriended other animals in the farm, including other injured hens and even a lonely cat! He might have been through a lot, but that didn’t stop him from being a nurse to other animals in need.

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