Dog Cunningly Steals A Binky And Refuses To Surrender It To Mom When She Asks For It

All dog owners can testify that their dogs never really grow up even when they grow older. It’s like they will always be little puppies who refuse to acknowledge that the years have caught up to them. I don’t think anybody is complaining about that—what’s there not to love about it? The pooch in the following video is a hilarious example of how much dogs retain their childishness.

Max the Golden Retriever had somehow got his paws on to a binky. He is way pas his puppy years, yet he refused to give the pacifier back to his mom! She tries many times to extract it from his mouth, but he brushes her hand away every time with his paw. He even looks at her in the eye, as if to convince her to let him have it! What an adorable pooch!

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