Lazy Cat Stubbornly Refuses To Wake Up Even When Dad Offers Her Some Yummy Tuna

Cats might seem complicated and mysterious, but they aren’t quite so. They are simple creatures with simple needs. The love food, and they love sleeping even more. They can sleep for up to 18 hours a day! The following video shows a perfect example of just how determined they can get when it comes to catching up with their precious sleep.

The cat was asleep on the bed, carefree about the world around him. When her dad comes to wake him up, she ignores him at first, as most cats do. After some persistent poking and prodding, she reluctantly responds to him. Of course she’s not really “talking”, but the conversation has been dubbed quite perfectly! He even tries to motivate her to wake up by telling her he’ll give some yummy fish, but even that wasn’t enough to push her!

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