Baby Kangaroo Hates Getting A Shower But Loves It When He Blows Her With A Hairdryer

Kangaroos are one of the most unique animals in the world. Native to Australia, these critter really tug at your heartstrings by being really cute. Most animals’ babies are adorable, and kangaroo joeys are no different. The following video shows a kangaroo in captive care that is ready to have a bath. You’re sure to be left smiling with this one!

Her keeper says that in all his years of working with kangaroos, he’s never met who really enjoys taking baths. The one in this video isn’t too keen on getting clean, but she doesn’t seem to mind that much either. When her keeper blows a dryer on her, her reaction is too cute! If you weren’t a big fan of kangaroos before, I’m sure you are now!

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