This Dog Is Mad Because She Had To Leave The Park. But Her Owner Wasn’t Expecting Her To Do THIS!

This grumpy boxer will make you fall off your seat. Look how he keeps barking at his daddy. He keeps whining and complaining all the way. You can totally relate if your pet was ever upset or angry at you. This is hilarious.

He is sad because he didn’t want to leave his dog park. When he was picked from the park to car he puts that grumpy sad face. He whines like a baby. He is furious for leaving the park early and decides to bark at his owner. But the owner is not in the mood. He rather laughs it off and this cute boxer seems helpless.

The owner can’t resist making fun of his dog. He teases his dog and they shout together. I find both of them very cute.
Watch this video to see this adorable boxer bark furiously at his daddy. Also let us know your feelings and thoughts through your COMMENTS!

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