Dad Notices His Pup Struggling At The End Of The Driveway. And Then He Sees It.

Dogs can be trained to do almost anything. You have military dogs that can sniff out landmines and bad guys for the soldiers, therapy dogs that can help turn a bad day into a good one, and then you have domestic dogs that can keep you amused with their simple but adorable tricks. Most dog owners try their best to teach their pooches how to fetch the paper.

The man in this video is doing a good job of teaching his pup from a young age. Gracie, the Labrador, looks really enthusiastic about fetching the paper for her dad. The only problem is that it is the Sunday paper and it is much heavier than from the other days. Despite the difficulty, Gracie does her best to drag the bundle back to the house! What an adorable little one!

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