Cat Kidnaps Puppies & Takes Them To Her Home. But The Reason Behind It Stole My Heart

A mother’s love is perhaps the purest and strongest thing in the world. Lily Potter’s love for her son Harry protected him from the evil Lord Voldemort himself! It can also make a mother do the strangest things. For instance, take a look at Miss Kitty. The feline had recently lost a litter of her kittens, but that didn’t stop her from being a mom!

Miss Kitty had lost her babies around the same time as Smoochie the cocker spaniel gave birth to a litter of puppies. Smoochie wasn’t too keen on raising her babies though. She abandoned them all. Miss Kitty saw this as her cue. She “kidnapped” the newborn pups and began caring for them as thought they were her own blood. Cats and dogs are said to be enemies, but maternal love can change even that!

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