Curiosity Leads Baby Elephant To A Mud Pit! How Its Gets A Dramatic Rescue Is INCREDIBLE!

It seems that curiosity not only kill cats. This video made me wonder how this baby elephant managed to fell into this mud pit. This rescue will make you all bits of nervous. His dramatic escape will take you to the next level of amazement. Get ready to watch this baby elephant turn into a survivor!

The distressed baby elephant was still struggling his way out when the group of brave rescuers found him. He was stuck there for 12 hours. His delayed and dramatic rescue is amazing. They chartered a plane to find the exact location and with the help of dozer they pulled out the mud. The elephant could finally come out of the pit slowly wiggling his tail all the way.

Apparently, the curious baby elephant got his lesson. Kudos to the audacious rescuers. Watch this video and let us know how you felt watching it through your COMMENTS. ENJOY!

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