When I Saw This Corgi In The Waterpark, I Never Thought He Would Do THIS! ADORABLE!

Animals are stimulated by the moving objects. It is the most natural thing. But, when you see a dog reacting this way toward a man-made object, you can’t help but smile in enchantment.

This dog in the video is a corgi. This breed has a unique body type. Their bodies are lengthy and the legs are exceptionally short compared to their body. But, this same body type has sprinkled extraordinary charm to these dogs.

In the video, this corgi is having a great time playing in the waterpark. He seems to love catching the water spattered on him. He even tries to jump around and catch the falling water. He looks so cute while he does that.

I couldn’t hold my smile when I watched this dog running about and having fun. Watch this adorable video below and tell us what you think about it.

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