Watch This Lazy Pup Refusing To Get Up! I Can’t Stop Laughing Seeing His Reaction!

Getting out of bed is a real struggle not only for humans but also for dogs! Looks like this dog would do anything just for few minutes of sleep. Goofy Great Dane won’t give up on his great sleep. So if you want to relate your unending lethargic condition, watch this lazy pup and yawn as much.

This “giant spotted slog” refuses to come out of the bed and keeps getting all curled up and comfy. He just won’t wake up! Hardly getting his sleepy eyes to open and see a bit, he returns back to sleeping. The owner is trying to persuade the dog in all ways but he continues to be grumpy.

Finally the efforts made an effect and he jumps out of the bed. It’s really cute how this dog manages to pull an innocent lazy face all the way through. Watch this video if you are a dog person or if you have a hard time waking up and let your COMMENTS flow!

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