2 Yr Old Stood In The Middle Of An Ice Rink. When The Music Begins? I’m Out Of BREATH!

Every child is born with a lot of potential to do good things. It is just a matter of guiding him or her in the right direction. Because they are so young and fresh, they have a lot of can also master anything, from sports to dance to music, with just a little encouragement and help. The little girl in the following video has a penchant for figure skating; her performance sure doesn’t disappoint!

The tiny 2 year old quickly made her way to the middle of the rink. She was dressed in a cute outfit, which is always a plus. When the music began, she started gliding through the ice with impeccable grace. The main thing is that is enjoying herself! If she’s so good at this young age, I can onus imagine how much she’ll improve over the years!

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