That Big Dog Was Having A Bad Dream. Now Watch What This Little Puppy Does Next!

Nightmares can be terrifying. But if someone is there to comfort you during those time, it can be easily passed. It looks like this big dog is having a worst dream. You can see how he is struggling constantly in his dream. This wakes up the little pup and what happens next is amazing.

I was so shocked when this little pup acted as momma to this bog dog and did everything she could when he was having a nightmare. She got up and went near him and lovingly slept by his side to comfort him. Though it had only been few days since the puppy’s arrival she was already like a best friend to the older dog.

However big or bossy you are sometimes even something as small as this puppy could be of great support. Watch this lovely video and share how you feel by writing your COMMENTS below.

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