This Tiny Bear Cub Sees A Fawn For The First Time. Now Wait Till You See What It Does..Aww!

Videos showing baby animals getting friendly with each other are always a treat to watch. This beautiful video shows a super cute interaction between a bear cub and a little fawn. This video was shot in West Virginia’s Point of View Farm. This sanctuary is also home to some cubs, a fox with her three little babies and three beautiful fawns.

This precious moment was captured by biologist Joel Resenthal. The video shows Boog, one of the bear cubs being introduced to one of the young fawns. The cute fuzzy cub seems quite confused seeing the new critter at first but then he decides to approach and make her his friend.

While during all this, the adorable fawn patiently waits him to sniff around her. I loved the way Boog tried to softly caress her. By the end we could see that Boog absolutely fell for the fawn as he carefully gives her a smooch on the face.

Such a heartwarming video! Watch this super cute interaction and tell us how you felt watching it. We would love to know!

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