Grateful Orangutan Insists Zoo Visitor To Take A Banana In Return For A Treat He Gave Him

Apes are one of our closest cousins. We share over 90% of our DNA with them, so it is no surprise that we also share many similarities to appearance and even behavior. Orangutans are being endangered in the wild because of habitat loss. The only way we can see them up close is in zoos now. Interacting with them in zoos is a great way to understand their importance in the wild. The man in this video got a first-hand experience with one of them!

A visitor at a zoo threw the orangutan a treat. He caught it and immediately ate it. Maybe he really liked the taste, because he wanted to give the visitor something in return. He grabbed a banana and threw it at him, maybe to say thanks. The man threw it back at him, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer! The adorable orangutan threw it right back!

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