Jackie Evancho Holds The Crowd Spellbound With Her Amazing Rendition Of “Arms Of An Angel”

Jackie Evancho is a musical prodigy. She has been singing from a very young age and has won hearts with her angelic voice. For someone so young, she is really adept with her singing voice. Famous producer David Foster has endorsed her and has accompanied her over the years. With talent like that, it comes as no surprise. The following video shows one of her breathtaking performances with the legendary producer.

This is a clip from a special PBS broadcast. Jackie Evancho can be seen performing the classic, “Arms Of An Angel”, with David Foster on piano. While the song is mostly associated to Sarah McLachlan, you have to admit that Evancho’s take on the song is breathtaking to say the least. You couldn’t get tired of that voice even if you listened to it all day!

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