It Looks Like The World’s Smallest Car. Now Watch When He Opens The Doors—WHOA!

The world is getting hotter day by day due to global warming. Cars that emit greenhouse gases are a major contributor to global warming. Cycling is a greener and healthier alternative. People might argue that bicycles do not offer the comfort of a car, but the Swedish inventor in the following video is really making them reconsider.

This video shows an amazing invention called the PodRide. It is like a cycle with four wheels. It offers the shelter that traditional cars provide. The PodRide even has headlights and indicators as well as a windshield wiper! It keeps the rider warm in winter with a small heater and cools in the summer too. It uses pedal power to move and is controlled by two handles. It’s just a prototype, but I really hope this unique ride takes off soon!

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