She Started Texting During Her Driving Test. But What The Instructor Did Next Left Me Speechless!

Texting while driving might not feel like a big deal. Looking away from the road for just a few seconds at a time is harmless, right? That is what a lot of people happen to think. The following video put their thinking to the test in the most amazing manner possible.

The people in this video are driving to earn their license. The instructor tells them that the government has made it compulsory for drivers to pass the test while texting, as so many people do it. what happens next is eye-opening. Even in an empty driving course, with the instructor telling them to text only simple texts, none of them avoid a crash. All of them inevitably crash, and this is shocking. Imagine how dangerous it would be in a real road? This video was staged of course, but it does give a big lesson!

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