Fred Astaire Took The Dance Floor With Eleanor Powell. Now Pay Close Attention To Their Feet—WOW!

Fred Astaire was one of the best dancers of all time. He was known as Twinkle Toes for his flawless moves and stunning dance routines. He is considered as one of the greatest even by dancers today. But there was one time where he was compelled to find a new dancing partner. The following video shows his dance routine with that very woman.

Eleanor Powell was far from the worst dance partner to have. The simple fact was that she was too gifted for her own good. This video shows her matching the legendary Astaire move by move! Fred had to look for another dance partner, not because she was bad but because she didn’t let him look better. Back in the day, women dancers were there to enhance the men’s moves, but he couldn’t do that with Powell.

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