Mom Put On A Sprinkler In Her Yard. What THIS Bear Did To It Next? I’m Out Of WORDS!

There is nothing like a cool shower on a hot summer’s day. Showers are like a little time off from the world and spending some quality time with yourself. NO wonder many find it therapeutic. Animals big and small also love a good session of splashing around. Just check out the bear in the following video! This fearsome bear turns into something totally different when he begins showering!

The bear is absolutely gaga about the water sprinkler on the yard. He turns into a little puppy around the water! The person who was filming this rare sight was not in any danger around the bear—all he had in mind was to make the most of the sprinkler. This just goes to show that even the fiercest wild animals have a goofy side; its just a matter of where and how they show it!

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